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Tool to send and receive files using Tox NGC FileTransfers

currently on prototype FT1


sender (seeder)

$ tox_ngc_ft1_tool -F sender.tox -G <ngc_chat_id> -a sha1_info -f file_to_transfer

this will print this tools tox_id and the generated info_hash

receivers (leechers)

$ tox_ngc_ft1_tool -F sender.tox -G <ngc_chat_id> -a sha1_info -D <info_hash>

this will first download the info using the info_hash and then all the file chunks listed in the info while simultaneously resharing allready downloaded chunks and info (swarming) to increase the amount of parallel chunk down/up loads, you can increase the value with the -I and -O option. the default for -I is 32 and for -O 16, which are relatively low numbers, which in practice can get you up to ~700KiB/s.


$ tox_ngc_ft1_tool
~~~ HELP ~~~
 -v version info
 -V verbose
 -h help

 -G <chat_id>
 -F profile.tox
 -N <self_name> (defaults to 'tox_ngc_ft1_tool')
 will print friend id at startup
 will autoaccept any invite
 if no -F given, will not save profile.
 if profile exists load, otherwise create new

 transfer variant:
 -a id1/sha1_single/sha1_info/sha2_single/sha2_info

 -f send_this_file.zip

 -d dump/everything/in/this/dir
 -D <id/hash> (what to dl)

!!! ADVANCED !!!
 -L disable local discovery
 -U disable udp
 -P proxy_host proxy_port
 -p tox_port (bind tox to that port)


 transfer logic:
 -I <max_incoming_transfers>
 -O <max_outgoing_transfers>