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Repo with plugins for Toxygen

For more info visit and

Plugins list:

  • ToxId - share your Tox ID and copy friend's Tox ID easily.
  • MarqueeStatus - create ticker from your status message.
  • BirthDay - get notifications on your friends' birthdays.
  • Bot - bot which can communicate with your friends when you are away.
  • SearchPlugin - select text in message and find it in search engine.
  • AutoAwayStatusLinux - sets "Away" status when user is inactive (Linux only).
  • AutoAwayStatusWindows - sets "Away" status when user is inactive (Windows only).
  • Chess - play chess with your friends using Tox.
  • Garland - changes your status like it's garland.
  • AutoAnswer - calls auto answering.
  • uToxInlineSending - send inlines with the same name as uTox does.
  • AvatarEncryption - encrypt all avatars using profile password