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emdee@spm.plastiras.org 2024-02-05 13:45:35 +00:00
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commit fa7790eadf
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.gitignore vendored
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@ -7,6 +7,7 @@ __pycache__/
# C extensions

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@ -331,6 +331,11 @@ def oMainArgparser(_=None, iMode=0):
parser.add_argument('--proxy_type', '--proxy-type', default=0, type=int,
help='proxy type 0=noproxy, 1=http, 2=socks')
parser.add_argument('--proxy_user', '--proxy-user', default='', type=str,
help='proxy username (unused)')
parser.add_argument('--proxy_pass', '--proxy-pass', default='', type=str,
help='proxy password (unused)')
parser.add_argument('--tcp_port', '--tcp-port', default=0, type=int,
help='tcp relay server port')
parser.add_argument('--udp_enabled', type=str, default='True',

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@ -356,9 +356,6 @@ class ToxIterateThread(BaseThread):
def oArgparse(lArgv):
parser = ts.oMainArgparser()
parser.add_argument('--norequest', type=str, default='False',
help='Use _norequest')
parser.add_argument('profile', type=str, nargs='?', default=None,
help='Path to Tox profile')
oArgs = parser.parse_args(lArgv)